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Creativity in any form is beyond the barriers of language, creed, colour & religion. True to our heart, the creativity in  music,  dance & art is to spread love and peace. Derived out of nature and is as fresh as nature.

It is believed and said that Indian Classical Music finds its origin in the divine sound of Om & in the same culture music is studied as a science and as an art. For Indian Classical dance, it is believed that the whole Universe is being brought into existence as the manifestation of the dance of the Supreme Dancer.

The sheer excellence of this tradition is evident from the fact that Indian music & dance has kept its flavour for centuries in spite of various invasions and the impact of different cultural influences. Over the time it has evolved and culminated into various special forms.

The Guru Shishya tradition has been practiced in India since the vedic times. In the context of music the tradition took the form of gharanas.  At ShrishtiShakti Gurukul  we follow the teaching method of the Guru Shishya Parampara. What we teach is to identify our inner self  with the vibration within and around us. 

At ShrishtiShakti, we inspire the aspiring students with an inner sense of mission in music , dance & art and to foster the creative exploration of the greatness of the art forms through the Guru Shishya Parampara. 

Apart from music, dance & art, at ShrishtiShakti we also teach Indian Culture and etiquette. 

Periodic performances and exihibition  of paintings & artworks are organized for the students to showcase their talent.

Regular workshops are organized with Maestros are organized.

The VISION is to conserve the rich Heritage of Indian Classical Music,  Dance and Art.

The MISSION is to make it easy and yet bring it to the masses in the purest of its form.

The VALUES Committed to Music , Dance  & Art teaching

The GOAL spread Love and Peace through music, dance and art.

We value QUALITY and make no compromises on that. 


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